Independent evaluations of programs & projects
Evaluation management
Theory of Change Facilitation
Peer reviews

Organizational Development

Design and improvement of evaluation systems
Development of evaluation policies, guidelines and related manuals

Member American Evaluation Association (AEA) - Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) - International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS) - United Kingdom Evaluation Society (UKES)

Upholding Evaluation Standards

I adhere to the norms and standards of the evaluation profession. Evaluations must be useful, feasible, properly conducted, accurate and accountable.

Click here for a summary of the Program Evaluation Standards.

Emphasis on Utilization-Focused Evaluation

Evaluations must be assessed by their utility- for them to be of value, they must be "used". In order to increase the likelihood of "use", I conduct "utilization-focused" evaluations.

Click here to learn more, including a checklist on conducting Utilization-Focused Evaluations.

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