Eva the Evaluator

My contribution to helping explain what evaluators do. A picture book for "kids" aged 1-99, full of puns and cool illustrations....I've used it with clients to great effect!

Evaluation Roots

For those interested in how the profession evolved.

Evaluation Thesaurus

Wonderful reference book with clear and concise entries.

The Program Evaluation Standards

The evaluator's Magna Carta!

Utilization-Focused Evaluation

New and improved, fourth edition. Patton's writing style makes this
book a joy to read.

Real World Evaluation

Full of tips on how to conduct evaluations when faced with financial, political and other constraints.

Evaluation Methodology Basics

A great textbook, especially for students and others interested in gaining a detailed understanding of the profession.

Handbook of Practical Program Evaluation

Latest edition of a very useful resource that covers a wide range of topics, from logic models, focus groups and regression analysis to managing evaluation exercises and report writing.